Scottish Record Labels

Some record labels

12th Isle Glasgow 

2sox Glasgow

7 West Music Glasgow

Alex Tronic Records Electronic Edinburgh

Ampoule Records Glasgow

Armellodie Records Glasgow

Brechin All Records Edinburgh

Bricolage Glasgow

Button Up Records Glasgow

Caritas Records Ullapool

Craigie Knowes Perth

Delphian Records Edinburgh

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Glasgow

Domestic Exile Glasgow

etiket Edinburgh

Feast Records Edinburgh

Fitlike Records

Floppy Records Edinburgh

Fresh Take Records Edinburgh

Gerry Loves Records Edinburgh

Gogar Records Edinburgh

Helrad Edinburgh

IMOUT Records Inverness

Infinite Hive Edinburgh

Iridite Glasgow

Keep The Heid Edinburgh

Last Night From Glasgow Glasgow

Lionoil Industries Edinburgh

Lost Map Isle of Eigg

Lifeforms Records Glasgow

LuckyMe Records Glasgow

Motormouth Records Glasgow

The Music Kitchen Edinburgh

Negative Sequence Records Edinburgh

Noctambulant Sounds Glasgow

Numbers Glasgow

OK Pal Records Edinburgh

Palais de Danse Glasgow

Paradise Palms Records Edinburgh

Planet Groucho Records Glasgow

REL Records Edinburgh

Riot Radio Records Techno Edinburgh

Rock Action Glasgow

Rubadub Glasgow

Savy Records Glasgow

Skye Records Isle of Skye

Soma Records Glasgow

Stepback Records Edinburgh

Stereogram Recordings Edinburgh

Sunturtle Records Glasgow

Temple Records Edinburgh

This Is Not Pop Glasgow

Wee Records Edinburgh

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